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Investment Principles

Our principle is simple:


If we stick to the plan then we will get the result we planned.

We prefer the industry leader EstateMaster software to assess and manage our projects.

Our target investors are "sophisticated investors". There are lower compliance costs in this investment sector.

Superannuation funds may be eligible to invest in our syndicates. We can tailor fixed returns to satisfy taxation and fund management limitations.

Our Unit Trust member numbers are limited. Our ideal is for ten (10) to twelve (12) members to encourage inclusion, communication and emotional buy-in.

Our Unit Trusts are non-recourse. If anything goes wrong there is no recourse to the unit holders.

  • We use a 5% allowance for contingencies in the building cost.

  • We use fixed building contracts.

  • We use reputable builders with evidence of insurance.

  • We like to keep things clear and simple.

  • We report monthly and whenever something exciting happens.

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