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Why Invest In Property Now?


Property prices follow a predictable cycle of boom-slump-recovery, which is repeated over and over.


While the cycle is predictable, the depth or length of each phase varies, however, the recovery phase is generally expected to be the shortest of the phases.


Opinions vary on what constitute the signs that signal we are in the recovery phase but they nearly always include the following:


  • Increased rent returns

  • The length of time to sell a property reduces

  • Property prices begin to marginally increase

  • Media reports are confused

  • Potential buyers still delay buying


WA in not in a boom phase, so we are either in a continuing slump, or we’ve moved into the early shoots of  recovery.


If you believe we’re still in the slump, the good news is that the next phase is recovery and after recovery comes BOOM.


Or, it could be that we are now already in the recovery phase and we are about to enter the BOOM phase?


We believe that in Perth, and in particular the suburbs that Cedre Partners focuses on, there are signs we may be moving into the recovery phase.


Property development takes time. To make the most of the potential in property, invest at the end of the slump and then reap the rewards when the recovery and the eventual boom comes.


This makes now a great time to consider a prudent property investment through a property development syndicate.

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